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A Cuban Christmas Story (Episode 34)

Story by Susana Jiménez-Mueller, The Green Plantain (12.21.21)

It’s December, almost the end of a year, and I love the way The Green Plantain podcast continues to make connections between Cubans around the world. Marilyn Marrero, author of Just Like Mima’s, and I connected a few months ago. Immediately, I thought it would be perfect to bring their four-generation family Christmas story to you…

Recipe: Fricasé de Pollo (Cuban Stewed Chicken with Potatoes)

Story by GoAskMom, (09.29.21)

I would say there is no greater compliment than to hear that our hearts are courageous, that our homes are welcoming, or that the aroma of something we’ve cooked is mouthwatering… just like Mima’s! This is one of my daughters’ favorite dishes, and I am excited to share it with you all today…

Puffed Wheat Milkshake

Story by Susana Jiménez-Mueller, (09.23.21)

Puffed Wheat Milkshake, better known as Batido de Trigo. A childhood recipe from @justlikemimas…

Granddaughter Celebrates Her Mima’s Cuban Cooking With Beloved New Book

Story by Christina Mayo, Miami Herald (01.09.21)

We’re all doing a lot more cooking these days and nothing beats sitting down to a hearty meal of Cuban comfort food.

For years, Miami native Marilyn Marrero has feasted on and gathered her 84-year-old maternal grandmother’s beloved recipes.

In December, she published “Just Like Mima’s: The Heart Behind The Cuban Recipes We All Love” to share them with everyone near and far…


Story by Cary Magazine, January/February 2021

Marilyn Marrero, of Cary, recently published “Just Like Mima’s,” which recounts eight decades of her maternal grandmother's journey through life’s joys and hardships, along with 50 authentic Cuban recipes from her kitchen. Marrero, the first Cuban-American in her family, has been greatly influenced by her grandmother and their large, affectionate, good-food loving "Familion." (p. 79)

The Inspiration Behind Timeless Cuban Food Recipes

Story by Shirley Grinstein, Calle Ocho News (12.22.20)

With so many delicious Cuban foods, it is no wonder that there is a story behind all Cuban food recipes. Marilyn Marrero shares some of the family and cultural history that is responsible for the delightful dishes in her recently published cookbook.

Just Like Mima’s was recently released and has quickly become Amazon’s number one new release in Caribbean & West Indian cooking & wine category. In the distinguished cookbook, Marrero not only included 50 authentic Cuban recipes but also recounted the life of her maternal grandmother…

Cary Resident Pens Cuban Cookbook & Biography

Story by Ashley Kairis, Cary Citizen (12.02.20)

Cary, NC — It wasn’t until I was 23 that I had my first taste of Cuban food. I could not believe how incredible the flavors were and how long it had taken me to discover them.

Now, thanks to a Cary resident, I will have a how-to book on re-creating some of those dishes and learning many new ones…

“It is a wonderful read and you truly captured much of the ‘Cuban experience’ so many of our ancestors lived. It is also with every paragraph filled with so much love. You were able to allow the reader to feel it with every passage. Kudos to you and thank you for sharing your Mima with all of us!"

Beatris Argüelles
(Davie, FL)

“I loved reading about Mima and her journey from Cuba to the US and especially about all the ways she loved on her huge family. It’s amazing to see how one person can make an impact on so many lives. I made the chicken noodle soup and it was delicious. 100% recommend!”

Melissa Cedeno
(Cutler Bay, FL)

“Just want to let you know that I got the book today. I am only on page 16, and can’t stop crying tears of joy. I am certainly sure that those that have not met Mima will end up loving her as much as you guys do and as much as I love and admire her. Well done.”

Marirka Maldonado
(Estero, FL)

“It gave me a greater perspective for what it was like for someone that grew up in Cuba and tried to take care of her family when life was not as easy. The amount of risks and rewards that came through years of faithfulness and love are sometimes not remembered by those that didn't experience it so I greatly appreciated this reminder. Even more, the focus was on the fact that a beautiful family was the reward. The pictures, stories, and quotes from family are what make this so much more than expected. I recommend to anyone that is looking to just hear someone else's life story and remember how to find joy in the things that are not material. And of course... anyone looking for great recipes!”

John Rumsey
(Raleigh, NC)

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